I decided to make a code of ethics

The Navy Seals have the SEAL ethos. There's the Warrior Code. Special Forces have the Special Forces Creed.

But why don't everyday individuals like us have a code of ethics? A way in which to live life morally and honorably? Something to fall back on if we're lost, or in a dangerous situation, or at a crossroads with an important decision?

No hard and fast rules

I thought it would be too rigid if I had a hard and fast list of things that I MUST follow on a consistent basis.

Instead, I'd prefer to be fluid with my thoughts, because I don't think anything should be permanent. This is also why I don't tend to use extreme words like "forever, always, never".

My working code of ethics

I am a decent human being.

I control my emotions, actions, and impulses in order to make sound decisions.

I desire to be a kind person who doesn't judge others.

I help others become leaders.

I am honest, authentic, and transparent.

I strive to make the world a happier place, and that starts with me.

I try not to throw away food unnecessarily.

I will not deliberately put someone down or bully them.

I want to be net-positive. That means I leave things cleaner than I found them and make the world a greener place.

I am a radical optimist.

I don't take myself too seriously, but I am also tolerant of excessive jest.

I want to have freedom from time and place.

I want to live a life of excitement while alleviating unnecessary suffering.

In the case of unexpected trials in my life, I am prepared and have thought through the scenario before.

I stay balanced and calm under stressful situations.

I am able to distinguish an imminent threat and not overreact.

I never give up.