/stefan's blog

Why did I start this blog?

Well hello!

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Stefan, and I started Stefan's Blog because I love startups, health hacking, dancing, game theory, being weird, and doing random shit.

And I didn't know where else to put this.

So, I decided to productize myself, as one of my thought leaders puts it.

Currently, I run Martian, a moonshot design-thinking studio. Our mission is to "Empower the world, and do the impossible."

We've built a sweater made out of recycled plastic bottles, a mobile EMR for doctors, a symptom tracker for chronic illnesses, and a video messaging app for authentic people, and other cool stuff.

Besides work, I want to go to Mars one day.

I also enjoy both acting (and acting a fool), breakdancing (which I wanna get substantially better at), making videos, and doing odd/fun things.

I'm a hardcore optimist and believe you should live every day to the fullest.

Anyways, that's enough links.

I hope you enjoy what I have to put here.

BUT I do warn you... There might not be any rhyme or reason to it.

As is life.

- Stefan Djordjevic

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